Children’s Health


Children’s Health

As a mother, Dr. Strider, ND understands how much love and time we invest in our little ones. It is heart breaking to see them sick or uncomfortable so finding a caring doctor to help guide you through their childhood years is so important. The foundation for any good doctor-patient relationship is listening and supporting the best choices for you and your family. Our goal at Simple Family Health is to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need for the health your child.

Acute care: If your little one is sick, would you prefer to have natural options to help them get better? Dr. Strider ND is trained to examine, evaluate and diagnose your child. She can provide you with a treatment that may include herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutritional supplements and diet. If your child needs further care, she will refer you to the appropriate level of care.

Chronic care: If your child is struggling with a more chronic issue like eczema, GERD, constipation, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder or anxiety and depression, naturopathic doctors are a great choice. We look beyond the symptoms to the root cause of your child’s health issues. Many current treatments for these issues just treat the symptoms but don’t look deeper. We often hear mothers say “I just think it has to do with something else”. Our job is to listen and look deeper for solutions that are long lasting. Some of the options for looking deeper include food sensitivity testing, organic acid testing, heavy metal testing and hormone testing. We use these tests to help create a treatment plan that is specific to your child to help them get better.

Wellness visits: Some parents like the idea of using a naturopathic doctor for wellness visits for their children. Naturopathic visits are longer and parents feel like they are able to ask more complicated questions and receive more thorough answers. Dr. Strider, ND is able to provide wellness care for pediatrics but she does not do vaccines in office so those will be referred out to other area pediatricians.

Vaccine consultations: Vaccines are a complicated issue for some families. What are the diseases for which we vaccinate? What are the risks from the vaccine? What are the risks of your child catching this disease? Dr Strider, ND is happy to sit down with you to talk about your unique situation and help create an option that works best for you.