Women’s Health


Women’s Health

Women’s health changes through our life experience from the onset of puberty through childbirth, middle age and into our later years at menopause. Each of these life experiences is unique and we hope to embrace your individual needs to help you realize your optimal health throughout your whole life.

Puberty: The beginning of menstruation, known as menarche, is an amazing time of growth physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. It is a time of struggling to find one’s unique self through trying new things and ways of self-expression. These young women also experience struggles with anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, onset of sexual activity and premenstrual pain, abnormal periods and mood swings. Naturopathic medicine is able to help these young women learn good health habits to boost their confidence for moving into adulthood with the knowledge they need to take care of their bodies.

Fertility: We are seeing increasing rates of women struggling with fertility. This struggle can be helped with natural therapies that focus on detoxifying women’s bodies to make a sacred space for a growing baby, balancing hormones, coaching women about stress management and finding support and compassion to manage the emotions that come with this struggle.

Motherhood: Being a mother is a blessing and hard and amazing and hard and so beautiful and hard! Mothers need support with balancing their jobs, motherhood and lifestyle to promote optimal health. Naturopathic medicine is able to help mothers be their best for their kids through support with healthy meal planning, adrenal support and emotional support through the many mental and spiritually challenges of raising fully developed and healthy little people.

Menopause: These women have grown to embrace their true nature and have helped to build a better world through their hard work and passion. This change of life results in a myriad of symptoms as well as an understanding that the work of this age is filled with sharing wisdom and exploring new realms. Naturopathic medicine can ease this transition to becoming an elder with grace.

Women’s therapies include:

-Whole health blood testing
-Saliva hormone testing
-Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
-Stress management
-Herbal medicine
-Coaching with Compassion